Why choose SPG?

1. You are supporting a family business
When you purchase through Save Point Games you aren't supporting a huge conglomerate business, you are supporting a family of gamers and hobbyists just like yourself. Your money isn't going to corporate profits, it is putting food on the table for us whilst allowing us to find ways to better serve you and the Australian gaming community.

2. We are hobbyists too!
We are real people, we play the games you play, we paint miniatures, roleplay, collect cards and build decks, meaning we know what you want, because it is what we want aswell. We also only sell the products that we ourselves are satisfied with so you can be satisfied that anything you buy from SPG is the same item and quality that we use, or we wouldn't recommend or sell it!

3. 100% Australian owned
Save Point Games is a 100% Australian owned business. Our aim is to bring you the best products at competative prices and offer the best service and advice possible.

4. We aim to always improve
We have recently invested a lot of time and money into improving our website, business operations and systems to offer you the most ease of use systems we possibly can.

5. We want you gaming immediately
Our aim is to ensure that your products ship to you IMMEDIATELY! As such we have made massive changes to the way our system works in an effort to remove annoying backorders that suppliers take 6 months to supply.

6. We are always happy to work with you
We offer refunds and are always happy to refund you immediately if there is any significant delay or issue with your order - you can rest assured you have complete control over any order you make through us.

7. You aren't just buying from an online store, you are joining a community!
We pride ourselves on our communities and have invested a lot of time and effort finding ways to connect our customers with our communities, no matter where you are in Australia (or the world!) check out our Discord which has been created to offer a way for you to play online and find like minded people to chat with!

8. We support the hobby community
Too many online stores do nothing but take your money and give nothing back to the gaming community. We at SPG understand our role as a Local Gaming Store (both brick and mortar AND online) and give back to the community in various ways. We support local clubs like the Brisbane Gunpla Builders Club, organise and run events for a range of games both at our venue and venues all around QLD and hopefully soon - others, and are always happy to offer prize support and sponsor club run events.


Kelly is an avid Magic the Gathering Commander and DND player. You will always be able to get a game with her in store and she is always on the hunt for the best and rarest MTG singles she can find.

Having trouble finding a specific card? Kelly has a vast network of connections in the MTG community and is the right person to ask if there is a card you just can't get a hold of - she regularly tracks down rare cards for customers and the best part is, she doesn't charge a commission for hunting them down. Our singles are ALWAYS the price listed on our website which updates daily!

Robert loves to paint miniatures and play tabletop wargames. Always happy to have a chat about almost anything, Robert is always happy to offer tips and advice where he can, or point you in the direction of the best possible person to ask!

Robert has a background in competitive e-Sports and loves all things from retro video games to collectible toys, anime and hobby.

The Kids
The Kids are around the shop daily. We are a family business so expect to see our kids and we have absolutely no issue with you bringing along your own! We have a range of toys available to the kids so that you can still get your hobby in!

We have only been able to build to where we are because of the loyal support of our community and customers.